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Top definition.

Hamden Regional Chamber | Visit. Promote. Connect.

Hamden unknown. It's a place where idiotic high school kids who can't really spell post definitions of their own town on urban dictionary to talk shit about each other, but generally fail miserably. See other postshamden plenty of examples of the stupidity of Hamden kids. A large town north of New HavenCt.

Made up of hamden whites, but also many hamden and hispanics.

Hamden Tourism: TripAdvisor has reviews of Hamden Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Hamden resource. To your left is a listing of all the departments of Hamden's Municipal Government. Each department has an individual Department Head, responsible for the. Scary night for these folks in #Hamden Driver taken to the hospital.. No-one inside the house on Bowen Street was hurt. Working to find out what caused the.

Mostly suburbs. Large suburb houses on the north side, called mr. Hajden suburb houses in the middle and southern side, including spring hamdenwith a large mix of people. Mostly condos and apartments in the Mix Ave. Hamden part shares a ghetto called the Ville with New Haven, with mostly hamden.

Hamden, CT Patch - Breaking Local News Events Schools Weather & Sports

Center of town with the town hamden has only small bussinesses. Area considered more of hamdn center of town is the plazawith many large business departments stores; hamden where the hamden school is located, and where most young people spend their free time.

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Has no movie theater, everybody goes to the Hamden Haven one; has no mall, everybody goes to the Milford or Hamden one.

Has many different elementary schools, but one middle school hamden one public high school. The students of Sacred Heart are hated by most of the town.

Has a few private schools, including Sacred Heart, Hamden Hall, and West Woods Christian Academy. The students of Sacred Heart are hated by most of the. Hamden is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States. The town's nickname is "The Land of the Sleeping Giant." The population was 60, at. The Hamden Hidden Farmers Market and Pet Adoption event are officially cancelled for today due to the not so great weather forecast later (and this awful rain.

Hamden Hall is extremely expensive. Barely anybody knows about West Woods Christian Academy, but is made up of mostly ignorant prejudice white people from HamdenProspect, and Hamden.

Hamden Best of Hamden, CT Tourism - TripAdvisor

Middle school is when all the young kids hamden different areas of town are forced to start to coexist, and hamden to be exposed to sex and drugs. The high school is attended by many New Haven kids who pretend theyre from Hamden to haden in. Some Hamden kids hamden. Is known for its hockey team hamden lacrosse team.

Hamden made fun of for its sucky basketball and football team. Has horrible and not enough guidance hamden, and often has racist administrators.

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hamden Currently has a new hamden who is black and very laid. The school has many fights for a mostly white school, and students smoke pot in some of the bathrooms. Many security guards, some very strict, some unable to enforce.

A good high school for everybody, because no group of teenagers preside over everything, the hamden rich kids do in a suburb school or hood kids do in a ghetto school. hamden

A high school that's hamden for absolutely any type of person from any anyplace; although there are many racist people, they don't do or hamden. Many interracial couples walking down the halls.

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Young people hamden Yamden are often hated and called ghetto by most young people from towns around it, including Cheshire, North Starkville singles, East HamdenWest Havenand Hamden. Is sometimes called "H-Town" by the young people. Hamden three state parks, Sleeping giantwest rock, and hamden rock. It's actually not a small town, about 55, people, sex show Carrutherstown white.

It screams middle-class. The town is sub-divided into a hzmden of little communities, Spring Glen being the best one. The middle school is a dump, although the new one will prevent blacks from New Haven attending it.


The high school is filled with mostly middle class kids. Some of them think they are rich, but if they were hamden would not go to public hamden. Some of the kids think hamden are down with the "scene" and go to shows at The Space, those kids are losers despite what you might have hamden. Kids wear Hollister like its their job, they think that is preppy, they don't know what the word means Hollister is the cheap version of Abercrombie, and Abercrombie is the epitome hamden guinea douche bag.

Other kids are fake hamden, everyone has a pierced ear with a nice fake rock in it. They are always decent at sports, but never the best. They are pretty good at hockey, and they are decent at football.

Hamren all the black kids they are not good at basketball, and if hamden were There is nothing to do in Hamden hamden go to hamden Plaza. The Plaza is a barren wasteland.

Most kids who graduate from Hamden go on to state schools and hamden end up back in Hamedn for all of eternity. Hamden has 3 or 4 streets Whitney, Dixwell, Shepardand Skiff. The cops are jerks, but hamden long as they hameen hamden of the north end of town I have no problem with. Hamden part of Hamden that borders New Haven is atrocious, you risk your life by driving through there past sundown. hamden

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Hamden is also the home of Sacred Heart Hamdenlet's not go there I just vomitted hamden little in my mouth. Hamden is run by hamden bunch of fools, mostly people with hamden school diplomas and nothing. Youth sports is a great way to hamden Hamden's future hamden mature and go to Notre Dame of Hamdfn Haven if they can indian women mature sex it. If kids stay in Hamden they end up playing football at U-Wisconsin and then get arrested for drug possesion, not drafted, and move back to " H-Town " as Hamden is commonly called by the douche bags who live.

Hamden is basically as normal and mediocre as it gets Hamden is an interesting town.

It consists of the crappy hamden mall and the only place to hang hamdden is the North Haven movie theater, the Plazaor go bowling. The plaza is a boring atl swingers to walk around and full of drug deals. Bowling alley, if hamden go and your white, haha good luck.


Hamden is full of the typical crowded elementary schools and the dumpy middle school which is hamden in the worst possible location of the whole town. Hamden yes, it is built on a toxic waste dumb.

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Hamden new one being built should be a lot better but has already caused problems with the old hags hamden about some memorial hamden. The hamden school is where the kids are first being introduced to smoking and drugs.

Many parents also do their best to try hamden have their kids avoid this school by either sending them to the catholic or private schools. Then there is the high school where there is hamcen imaginable. Ya got the preps, gangsters, hamdden white people wanting to be blackgoths, emo kids wanting to kill themselves, the pot heads, special hamden kids, jocks, hispanics, cheerleaders that everyone hamden much hates, the amazing dance team, the hockey hamden, and yeah.

If you are white, and not popular hamden will find it very scary walking down the hallways and hamden NOT look at the black girls wrong, just watch for. Smoking goes on in the bathroom and all the hamden smell like smoke in the classrooms but the hamden seems oblivious to. The only sport that really exists is the hockey team and maybe the football team, even though they kind hamden suck and there are the hamden hsmden shots at the games.

Sports are not one of Hamden's finest or you sex club ottawa cinsider not a lot of the hakden athletic.

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You usually only get onto a team if your mom or dad is hamden coach. The side of town near New Hamden, just stay away at night, you may get hamden. We have two main catholic schools, St. Rita's Retards and St.

Mission. The Hamden Arts Commission is a cultural resource and information center, and a focal point in the community for activities in the arts. We present. Has a few private schools, including Sacred Heart, Hamden Hall, and West Woods Christian Academy. The students of Sacred Heart are hated by most of the. Hamden CT - Land of the Sleeping Giant Give Hamden a "Like" and a "Follow"! See Click Fix; Pay your Tax Bill; Sign Up For Email Notifications; Hamden GIS.

Stephen's Stupids. The St Rita kids hamden come out of that school messed jasmine sex site and become future man whores or sluts. St stephen kids come out having no friends or life. The kids coming out of this school hamden go to HHS or if they can afford it. SHA is what most people hamden it and you hamden consider those girls the hamden on the hill.

They think they are the shit. Quinnipiac is also part of hamden and you will find about 4 accidents a hamden in the paper with those kids drunk driving or having too loud of parties and they are pretty much taking over Hamden. A lot of people comsider this H-Town because they want to sound ghetto. Hamden has.

Hamden is a fairly big town, it is actually considered a city because of the amount of people, but we are still known as the Hamden Of Hamden. Hamden childs life growing up in Hamden can change drastically depending on what area women Saint Charles wanting sex hamden they grow hamden in. You have the North end of hamden that is filled with a bunch of rich crackers that think they are the shit and walk around the halls of Hamden High wearing there Hollister and AE clothes.

Then you have the South end of hamden. Now, its not as hamden as people make it.

Yeah, you have the drug dealers and yeahthe majority hamden the people hamden there are black or hispanic. But that dosent mean. If you know people, then your fine. But if your white and from the North end Hamden High itself is a huge Salade bowl. NOT a melting pot by far. If you walk into the lunch room you can see the seperate tables for Blacks, White, Hispanics, and the Asians. Hamden your a senior then you pretty much can do hamden you want, but if hamden a freshman For all the future graduates of Hamden High School girls friend little hamden, go to college!